I like to use personal projects as targeted learning. Here I wanted to take what I'd learned with Studio GRIM and streamline my process to be more efficient. I grabbed a character from a sketchbook and took it from a dozen or so pencil thumbnails to the full Orthographic sheet you see here.
This project started as a joke prompt (battle nuns) from a friend, but I though it would be interesting to run with it and work on communicating a setting's tone and history through visual design alone. What would an Orthodox Militant-Monastic sect look like if they were pushed to use forbidden arts to survive?
With this set of armor designs I wanted to see if I could successfully study and emulate the shape language and aesthetic of  Bungie's Destiny games to make an Eliksni Hunter Guardian. The goal was to make something new that felt like it would fit in alongside existing designs from a few factions.
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